EFT was the answer I'd been searching for, and I believe it's the answer for you too...

After healing, starting GratitudeMission.org, and writing Flourish I took a step back to assess. There was still something that felt like it was missing. Many people can get to a point void of thought through meditation, and begin the healing journey, but it’s not that easy- especially for deep rooted trauma, depression, and anxiety. “There has to be an easier way, but what could that be?” I remember contemplating. I set on a a journey of modality research and discovery, and what I found was EFT.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) has been around for decades and is akin to acupuncture married to emotion, to facilitate healing and transformation. It’s been tested and used to help with nearly every physical and emotional ailment known, and it’s not only effective but completely drug free and safe. It also uses strong positive emotions like gratitude to deeply engrain the new neural pathways created in a session. I knew I had found the missing piece of the puzzle, and became an EFT certified practitioner. In doing so I used the techniques on myself and was amazed how quickly I could get out of a negative state or into a state of focus and productivity- this was profound as it would take 30-60 minutes of meditation for me prior. So many people just don’t have that extra time each day, and 30-60 minutes is on the low end even if you are easily able to meditate!

Are you struggling with anxiety, feeling overwhelmingly sad, in chronic pain, dealing with anger/frustration or just stuck in life? If you answered yes to any of the above, you are likely holding onto deeply rooted emotions that are affecting you physically as well as mentally. As an EFT practitioner I will help you identify these issues one by one, and rewire your brain to process them in a heathier way. This is what facilitates overall healing. I will show you how to tap on meridian points while addressing an issue during a complimentary consultation. This way you can see first hand how EFT has the potential to radically and quickly transform your life into what you want it to be. 

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